Quotes: The Value of SciFinder

SciFinder® Tweets

"Getting ready to talk to students about SciFinder. What a great database!"

Jessica Clemon

"SciFinder Scholar is the best chemistry lierature database I've ever seen #mindblown"

Jonathan Congmon

"Just checking some new polymer literature, the @scifinder keep me posted alerts are a god send I swear!"

Louise Maynard-Atem

"Classy girls don't hit up Facebook...they go on SciFinder. #isthataphdisee"

Sara Katracha

"Structure search in SciFinder rocks"

Angel Yanguas-Gil

Searching with SciPlannerTM 

"The new SciPlanner capabilities have revolutionized the way I search for information. Searching is never a straight road, but with SciPlanner, I can keep track of every path I choose to go down." 

Kwakye Peprah
graduate student, Florida A&M

Markush Searching 

"Wow! This was so easy, I can't believe I didn't start here first." 

Istvan Szabo
PhD student at the University of California, Santa Barbara

The Vitality of SciFinder

"Without SciFinder, we are blind. Our business would not exist." 

Jiang Shengli
Head of Domestic Development
PharmaResources (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

SciFinder's significance, speed, and scope

"We were using SciFinder at Scripps even before SciFinder ScholarTM was invented.  I am a big user and don't see how any researcher could hope to excel without daily, round-the-clock access. In the old days, you could be forgiven for not knowing about a certain paper, but now there is no excuse.  The speed and scope of its search power is amazing, and the answer to 'what aspect is most helpful to you?' could be as diverse as the users. In my case, SciFinder enhances my reactivity insights, making it easier to 'see' those ill-defined boundaries where important new phenomena are lurking."

Dr. K. Barry Sharpless
Nobel Laureate
W.M. Keck Professor of Chemistry
Scripps Research Institute

SciFinder is vital.

"I wouldn't be able to live without SciFinder. It is so wonderful. It's so easy to search. When I'm in the lab trying to come up with a synthesis of a molecule the first thing I do is search through SciFinder and within minutes I have a prep for a new compound. It saves me time because somebody else has done the work so I can move on and do the novel chemistry that I want to do."

Steven Furyk
Research Chemist, DuPont
Wilmington, Delaware
ACS Annual Report 2007


The new version of SciFinder enhances the research experience on the web.


"The web version of SciFinder is wonderful. Nothing needs to be downloaded and all of the power tools and features are readily visible."

"One of grad students gave an overall rating of 'super rad cool' to the web version of SciFinder. So, while folks are still registering and migrating over on our campus, I have no doubt that SciFinder on the web is quickly becoming the version of choice by our users."

Grace Baysinger
Head Librarian & Bibliographer
Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Stanford University

"The description of 'keep me posted alerts' indicates to me that I would immediately want to use the web version of SciFinder when it becomes available to us. This is a major new feature for Scholar users...."

Stephen Koch
Department of Chemistry
SUNY Stony Brook

 SciFinder is the go-to product.


"CAS, especially through the SciFinder software that we use, has made the literature accessible and it’s essentially all the literature that is of interest to me. And so to be able to readily search in that large pool of the scientific literature that is of interest to me, I think would constitute the biggest contribution that CAS has made."

Francis Mirabella
Principal Scientist
Equistar Chemical

"I can find information in SciFinder that I can't seem to find anywhere else. If it's not in SciFinder, it probably doesn't exist."

Robert Koechley
Director of Information Management
Promega Corporation

"The University has a site license for SciFinder Scholar, our faculty, staff, and students use it extensively. The use of electronic literature searching (and SciFinder Scholar) is taught in our undergraduate seminar courses and SciFinder Scholar is a must for those doing chemical research. It would not be an exaggeration to call it the most important chemical reference."

Steven W. Yates
Department of Chemistry, Professor and Chair
Department of Physics & Astronomy, Professor
Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor
University of Kentucky, Lexington


SciFinder is revolutionary.


"It's the most revolutionary tool in managing chemical information... SciFinder has a very different approach."

Bruce Bursten
Chair, Department of Chemistry
The Ohio State University
Business First

SciFinder enables rapid searching.


"With SciFinder, we can rapidly search the index to find out if what we're doing is truly new. It makes it possible to write a patent in a record amount of time."

Lars Knutsen
Information World Review

"The researchers' favorite 'do it yourself' end-user tool is SciFinder from Chemical Abstracts Service...Henkel end users can carry out searches with SciFinder in the language of their choice with chemical formulas, structural formulas, or simply free text and obtain very good results. They can use a search engine to hunt through the literature and patents, while SciFinder allows high-level visualization of the results... Despite the relatively high costs, this system is very popular among Henkel researchers."

Christoph Haxel
Henkel InfoCenter
"Patent Information at Henkel"
World Patent Information

"Many systems allow statistical analysis of the results obtained. SciFinder allows analysis of the bibliographic references, for example by publication year, corporate source, or author that enables trends to be identified."

Frank Cooke and Helen Schofield
"A Framework for the Evaluation of Chemical Stucture Databases" 
J. Chemical Information and Computer Sciences

SciFinder is an industry standard.

"SciFinder is pretty much an industry standard... I like doing a lot of this stuff myself. You can do one search that leads to another, which leads to another. You can't really have someone else do that for you."

Mike Winters
Principal Research Chemist
Three Dimensional Pharmaceuticals
The Columbus Dispatch

"Our IP curriculum has expanded to bring this incredibly flexible product into the limelight. The culmination of several features of SciFinder provide not only full-text access, but the extended capability for further analysis and visualization of patent data."

Pamela Scott
"SciFinder as an Intellectual Property Tool"
American Chemical Society National Meeting

"Who is using SciFinder? Primarily discovery—a new surge in biologists sign-up, also biochemistry, molecular scientists, protein chemists."

Pamela Scott
"Finding Chemical Information in the Pfizer Research Environment: SciFinder"
American Chemical Society National Meeting

"The scientist user is not always aware of all that he can do with SciFinder: 'I don't need any help—it is so easy.' [But] after demonstrating ANALYZE, REFINE, or KEEP ME POSTED: 'WOW---I didn't know I could do all that!'"

Judy Johnson Philipsen
"Developing the Management of SciFinder within a Global Organization"
American Chemical Society National Meeting

"SciFinder is valuable to the scientists and it's easy to use and intuitive. Support from the vendors, Chemical Abstracts Service, is excellent."

Sue Jackson
Roche Discovery
"The Best of Times"
Information World Review

No other products are comparable to SciFinder.

"There are no comparable products in this field. The availability of this database for our students gives them the opportunity to use a database that is essential in the working world."

California State University EAR (Electronic Access
to Information Resources Committee) review SciFinder Scholar

"It appears to me that ACS publications and CAS has come a long way in making electronic resources available at pricing levels that take into account the difference between universities and 4-year colleges. The faculty and students can have electronic access to every paper ever published in ACS journals and access to world class searching via SciFinder Scholar."

Stephen Koch
CHMINF list post

"There is every reason to expect that more classes will make use of SciFinder Scholar. Its ease of use by novices and undergraduates makes this a particularly powerful product..."

"The implementation of SciFinder Scholar at Butler University has galvanized a change in teaching, student-based research and faculty development in the Chemistry Department."

Stacy O'Reilly and Anne Wilson
Butler University
Journal of Chemical Education

"SciFinder Scholar is arguably one of the most powerful database interfaces available to scientists today."

Jefrey S. Moore
University of Illinios
Journal of American Chemical Society

"Chemists can search Scholar with little or no training, and so it makes the chemistry librarian's job a great deal more pleasant. Until Scholar became available, librarians routinely stayed after hours every day to do searches for students and faculty on STN®. Since the introduction of Scholar, users can do their own basic searches while librarians can focus on the more challenging ones."

Ann Bolek
"SciFinder Scholar"
Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship

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