Quotes: The Value of STN

STN® Global Value Pricing (GVP) plan takes cost concerns out of IP search.

"At first, it was hard for us to believe we could search the way we really need to without having to worry about costs. With our GVP plan, I feel like a child who's been given a huge box of candy and can eat whatever I like!"

"Every day, I see again and again how much better I'm searching with GVP, even when my searches are complicated. Cost concerns don't limit the way I search, and I can display and review as many results as I like."

Ayala Saul
Patent Attorney, Legal and IP
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.

STN® has a very high customer satisfaction rating.

"Belated congratulations to you and your colleagues on attaining a 98% overall customer satisfaction rating. I know from personal experience of about a decade that it is truly justified."  

"I wish that after something over 40 years teaching experience, I could claim a high student (customer) satisfaction rating, but alas despite considerable efforts, it is obvious there is room for improvement."

"I have valued the good service that I have received on the HELP line, and I have taken advantage of all the useful information that is available from STN in preparing lectures for the course I teach in electronic database searching."

"All best wishes for your continued success...."

Dean F. Martin
Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of South Florida

STN is an extremely powerful verification tool.

"STN is an extremely powerful verification tool... For verifying cites in the scientific and technical literature, STN is a valid and cost-effective alternative to Dialog."

Robyn Goldstein and Lorin Hawley
"Online Citation Verification Using STN"

"On closer inspection, however STN's new service can be seen to offer a more flexible solution than DialogClassic. It also holds out the promise of a more radical approach to aggregation (or 'integration,' as STN prefers to call it) that has until now been delivered on the Web by traditional online hosts."

Richard Poynder
"Size is No Longer the Issue"
Online and CD Notes

STN on the Web offers power and flexibility online

"STN® on the WebSM does not treat the Internet solely as an alternative access method. Rather it tries to create a Web-like experience, while continuing to provide the many benefits of proprietary online.... The result is a more powerful and flexible service than the crop of Web-based end-user products."

Richard Poynder
"Online Host to Sci-tech Portal"
Online & CD-ROM Review

The Power of STN® AnaVist

"STN AnaVist is one more tool available to information professionals for data and text mining in large data set, thus enabling them to analyse huge amounts of data as a basis for strategic decision-making and/or to add value to conventional searches."

Gerhard Fischer and Nicolas Lalyre
World Patent Information

"We prefer STN AnaVist over the consultant's services because we can run the searches and customize the results ourselves. The software allows us to look at large amounts of data and create a broad view of what is happening in technology, including both patent and non-patent literature. Plus, the pricing is attractive."

Dr. Mark Johnson

"STN AnaVist is an easy-to-use tool providing concise, graphically well-presented patent analyses. Of particular interest are the interactive linkages between the individual charts allowing for multi-dimensional viewing of selected criteria. The two- or three-dimensional Research Landscape is a promising new way to analyze and visualize document content. Degussa uses such tools and favors their further development, since they support innovation and trend research and can possibly shorten the time expended in R&D."

Dr. Gisela Darges

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