CHEMCATS SciFinder Order from Source Links

SciFinder® now provides access to data on price and availability via more than 20 million links from commercial source records to supplier catalogs. These links allow SciFinder users to bring answers with “pricing and availability” to the top.



Requirements for Inclusion of Order from Source Links

  1. Provide links with each substance that will take a SciFinder user directly to the catalog page where they can order your chemicals.
  2. The linking page needs to include current price, current availability, and the ability to directly place an order.
    • From your page, the SciFinder users should be able to determine how soon the chemical of interest will ship. For instance ships within 1 week or in stock for items that ship within 1 week.
  3. Requiring a login to complete the order is acceptable, but having to log in before seeing price and availability, is not acceptable.



Links that do not meet all requirements may be included as Product Information links.

SciFinder Product Information Link Example:


If you have questions regarding the acceptability of your links, please contact us at