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Benefit to you

  • Access precise, dependable, and timely information on synthetic organic research, including organometallics, total syntheses of natural products and biotransformation reactions.
  • Find information concerning reaction conditions, yields and catalysts.
  • Answer questions such as:
    - Different reactions producing the same product
    - Uses or applications of a particular catalyst
    - Various ways to carry out specific functional group transformations


CASREACT®, produced by CAS, contains:

  • More than 90 million single- and multi-step reactions -- available with SciFinder and on STN
  • More than 14 million additional synthetic preparations available with SciFinder  

How do we count

CASREACT consists of single- (A->B, B->C, C->D) and multi-step (A->C, A->D, B->D) reactions, plus synthetic preparations. Single- and multi-step reactions can be found in all CAS and STN products. Synthetic preparations are accessible through the SciFinder Explore Reactions function or by applying a product role limiter on a CAS Registry Number search in STN.


  • 1840 to the present
  • CASREACT contains reaction information from the millions of published journal articles and patent documents selected for inclusion in Chemical AbstractsTM (CA).

Update frequency

  • Updated daily
  • More than 150,000 single- and multi-step reactions are added each week.

Sample record from SciFinder

Reaction display with experimental procedure information in SciFinder  

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