Sharing STN AnaVist Projects

For example, you have created an STN® AnaVist™ project based on a CAplusSM search that you would like to share with colleagues on a project team in your organization for the foreseeable future. Do you have to take out a redistribution license for the data in the AnaVist project?

STN AnaVist projects are not covered under the STN Information Keep & Share ProgramSM. AnaVist users can simply share copies of projects with others within their organizations at no cost, but users will need an STN LoginID or an STN LoginID for Shared Projects in order to access their project copies. The original project copy and any shared project copies are subject to modest Saved Visualization Project fees 31 days after initial receipt, and every 31 days thereafter. There is no limit on how long you can keep an STN AnaVist project.