Solutions Summit China

CAS hosted its inaugural Solutions Summit event, on June 18, 2015 in Beijing, China. This interactive gathering of industry leaders featured influential speakers from prominent organizations in China, as well as insights from CAS leadership. Discussions included information trends, innovation experiences and how to remain competitive in the ever-evolving chemistry and related-science marketplace. A news release was issued in China on June 19, and media outlets, including China Intellectual Property, have published summaries of the interview session held with CAS President Manuel Guzman.


CAS(Chemical Abstracts Service)于2015年6月18日在北京举办了首届解决方案峰会。此次峰会为科学信息行业领袖搭建了沟通交流的平台,来自中国权威机构的代表与CAS高管、听众一起汇聚一堂,分享经验。

与会者讨论了信息发展趋势、创新经验、以及如何在不断发展的化学及相关科学市场中保持竞争实力。6月19日,CAS在中国举行了新闻发布会,包括《中国知识产权》(China Intellectual Property)在内的许多媒体刊登了CAS总裁曼努埃尔·古斯曼在接受采访时的讲话摘要。

Solutions Summit China

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