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Improved timeliness of CAS indexing adds value to USPATFULL and USPAT2 chemistry patents

January  25th,   2011

The next time you are searching for chemical patents in the USPATFULL and USPAT2 databases, look closely at the CAS index terms. You will notice a big change in the previously static indexing due to a recent en masse refreshing of the CAS indexing included in these records. Effective immediately, you may also observe weekly updates to relevant index records.

These changes are the result of a new updating process CAS has implemented for these two databases. This new approach will allow CAS indexing in these two databases to change over time. 

A little more than 1.8 million chemistry and chemistry-relevant patents in the USPATFULL and USPAT2 databases include indexing from CASM/CAplusSM. These records, which include CAS Registry Numbers®, provide additional access points enabling you to quickly locate the patent information you need. (These records are easily identified. Look for inclusion of the phrase: CAS INDEXING IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PATENT.)

The move away from static indexing is a result of CAS’ desire to increase the relevancy and consistency of the index terms accompanying the chemical patents in the USPATFULL and USPAT2 databases.

For patents from very simple patent families, it is unlikely that you will see much change in the CAS indexing content in USPATFULL and USPAT2. On the other hand, CAS indexing included in these two databases for more complicated patent families with many basics will now more closely reflect the content of the U.S. patent, providing you with access points that are much more timely and relevant.