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Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Combination Set Data Now Available in CAplusSM, INPADOCDB and USPAT Databases

September  29th,   2014

As of September 28, 2014, CPC Combination Set data can be searched in the following STN® databases: CASM/CAplus, INPADOCDB and USPATFULL/USPAT2/USPATOLD.


CPC Combination Sets are groups of linked CPC symbols. Each CPC Combination Set identifies the technical features of a patent considered together. For example, a CPC Combination Set may include CPCs for the components of a new cement formulation, along with CPCs for reaction conditions for its manufacture.


Benefits of searching CPC Combination Sets include:

  • Unique access points. Many CPCs only appear as part of a combination set in the record
  • Precision. Searching for CPCs in the same CPC Combination Set may provide more relevant answers than searching for CPCs co-occurring anywhere in a patent record
  • Value for novelty searching. The patents retrieved from a search for multiple CPCs in a single combination set are likely to be of interest to those assessing the novelty of an invention

More information on CPC Combination Sets will be available in the September issue of STN News, including:

  • CPC searching and the new /CPC.CS search field
  • CPC display formats: CPC and CPC.TAB
  • Search example

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