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INPADOC Database Enhancements: Calculated Expiration Dates, Citing Patent Information and Patent Family Counts (INPAFAMDB only)

January  31st,   2013

Calculated Expiration Dates

As of January 30, 2013, the INPADOC databases on STN® have been enhanced with calculated expiration dates for granted IP rights of major patent authorities worldwide. This data enhancement offers new options to identify patents which are potentially in force. Calculated expiration dates help users to narrow down FTO search results to active patent families and eliminate old patents which have naturally expired.

Expiration dates are calculated for granted publications of 30 patent authorities with an application date from 1980 onwards. This coverage accounts for almost 97% of all grants since 1980. Patent authorities included are the following: AR, AT, AU, BE, BR, CA, CH, CN, DE, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, HK, HU, IE, IT, JP, KR, MX, NL, PL, RU, SE, SU, TW, US, ZA.

Citing Patent Information

Citing patent information (forward citations) has been added to more than 19 million patent applications, complementing the enormous amount of backward citations available in INPADOCDB/INPAFAMDB. In addition to the referenced patent citations, these forward citations help users to identify additional prior art and identify key patents of a company or a particular technology area.

Forward citations include detailed information such as citing patent number (PN.G) with publication date, citing patent assignee names and cited patent number with citation details.

Patent Family Counts in INPAFAMDB

INPAFAMDB on STN comprises all publications of the INPADOC family in one database record. The new family counts in INPAFAMDB provide tools to analyze the family size of inventions, including counts for application (ACNT), priority numbers (PRCNT) and the number of EPO simple families (FCNT).

The family size could be a useful indicator for the filing behavior of a company. Application number counts could also be used to separate very large INPADOC families from an answer set.

For further details and search examples for any of the latest INPADOC enhancements, please see the INPADOC News 2013/01:

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