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JAPIO Will No Longer Be Updated from March 2013 Onwards – Current JP Patent Publications Available in JPFULL

March  11th,   2013

From March 2013 onwards, JAPIO, the patent database covering all unexamined patent applications in Japan (JPA-publications) since 1971, will no longer be updated. JAPIO will be kept as a closed database for the time being.

For searching current information on Japanese patent publications, users of JAPIO are recommended to change to JPFULL, the full-text patent database released on STN® in October 2012. JPFULL covers unexamined patent applications, granted patents and utility models in Japan.

JPFULL makes Japanese patent documents available about 10 days after publication, usually with all bibliographic information as well as machine translated abstract and full text. The bibliographic data is the same as in JAPIO with these additional fields: Patent Assignee Number, Related Patent Information, as well as the CPC and EPC/ICO classifications. Title, patent assignee and inventor are also displayable in Japanese characters.

Abstracts in JPFULL are either machine translated or taken from equivalent documents if available. Machine translated abstracts of documents with kind code A are replaced by human translated text from JPO about three months later. The human translated JPO abstracts can be directly addressed in searches and SDI/alerts by adding “(L)JPO/AB” to the query.

Descriptions and claims are always machine translated. JPFULL offers the numeric property search feature, with numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties in almost 1,800 unit variants searchable in all text fields.

First page images of JP-documents can be viewed on INPADOCDB.

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