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Reloaded MEDLINE® on STN® Now Includes 2013 MeSH Vocabulary and New Fields

January  28th,   2013

The MEDLINE reload on STN (effective January 26, 2013) includes enhancements such as records with updated 2013 MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) indexing, the 2013 MeSH Thesaurus and four new fields.

Revised 2013 MeSH

STN loaded the revised 2013 MeSH vocabulary on December 8, 2012. Changes include:

Key changes to MeSH involve carboxylic acid terminology and the addition of human genetic disease names. For the most comprehensive searching in MEDLINE:

  • Consult the updated MeSH thesaurus for new or better search terms
  • Consult the new MeSH vocabulary to determine whether your SDIs need updated
New Field - UNII 

The new UNII search and display field provides UNique Ingredient Identifier information. Created and maintained by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, alphanumeric UNII codes (e.g., A150AY412V) document substances used in drugs, biologics, foods and devices. With the introduction of UNII codes, MEDLINE’s producer, the National Library of Medicine (NLM), has provided UNII codes in preference to CAS Registry Number® identifiers (CAS RNs) for certain substances for the Registry Number (/RN) field. STN has generated RNs in these cases. UNII data is available only in its own field. 

Helpful hints:

  • Rely on to find UNII codes for searching or to determine the definition of a UNII code.
  • Create a set of MEDLINE records including UNII code data using the FA field (i.e., UNII/FA).

New Field – AUID

The Author Identifier field is expected to include author identifier information from the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) registry. ORCID codes (e.g., 0000-0002-3843-3472) distinguish between authors with the same name and amass an individual’s publications under different author names of that individual. See for more information about ORCID codes. Note: the NLM has not yet provided data for this field.

Helpful hints

  • Use the /FA (Field Availability) field (i.e., AUID/FA) to make a set of records including data in the AUID field.
  • Create sets of records with data in the Group Authors (AUGR/FA) and Collaborators (AUCL/FA) fields using new entries in the FA field.

New Fields for Electronic Publications – EPD and EPY

Search and custom display electronic publication date information for documents indexed in MEDLINE using the new /EPD (Electronic Publication Date) and /EPY (Electronic Publication Year) fields. SELECT and SORT using these fields.

Ahead of Print Electronic Publications

Changes for 2013 to STN record processing for EPUB AHEAD OF PRINT records include:

  • EPUB AHEAD OF PRINT records will now be updated as new or additional information becomes available
  • EPUB AHEAD OF PRINT records removed from PubMed will be retained on STN to benefit prior art searches
    • Records are easily identified by the EPUB PMID WITHDRAWN tag in the /AN and /FS fields
  • Records with the EPUB PMID WITHDRAWN tag will be updated at the annual reload


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