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     phthalic acid
  Phthalic acid
  (CAS RN™ 88-99-3)

If your organization manufactures, imports, exports, transports, stores or uses chemicals, NCI™ Global is for you.

Constantly changing regulations and expanding global markets make it challenging to stay on top of compliance requirements. As a single resource for global regulatory information, NCI Global integrates efficiently into your compliance workflow to help you determine:

  • Where a product can be shipped or sold
  • Whether substances you produce or use are included on an inventory or list
  • If products similar to yours are already included on an inventory
  • Whether a new product formulation is compliant
  • Classification, labeling and packaging (CLP) requirements for exporting products

Learn more about how NCI Global can help you meet global regulatory requirements

Single resource for global regulatory information

NCI Global offers coverage of nearly 150 regulatory inventories and lists to provide information on more than 346,000 regulated substances, including those submitted in Premanufacture Notices (PMN).


Designed especially for regulatory professionals

Find the answers you need quickly and easily with a straightforward interface and flexible search capabilities that let you search for substances by name, synonym, CAS Registry Number®, molecular formula or substance components.


Accurate and up-to-date

NCI Global is updated weekly with the latest regulatory information, and automated e-mail notifications keep you informed about regulatory changes to substances of interest.


Brought to you by CAS

CAS has been working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 1977 to produce the TSCA Inventory. As the curator of CAS REGISTRYSM, CAS is the only authoritative source for CAS Registry Numbers.



Ready to take compliance reporting to the next level?

Contact the CAS Customer Center to learn more about how NCI Global can provide yo with the information you need for all the places you do business.


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