Inventory Expert Service (IES) in Brief


CAS IES IES is available to help you complete your EPA TSCA PMN application under the Revisions of Premanufacture Notification Regulations: Final Rule by obtaining CA Index Names and CAS Registry Numbers® (if appropriate) from the CAS chemists who compile, search, and maintain the TSCA Inventory.
How the service works

After completing Part I, Section B (pages 4-6) and Part II, Section A (page 8, if applicable) of the EPA PMN form, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, simply submit these pages and the Inventory Expert Service Order Form to the CAS Inventory Expert Service for processing.

Within 10 working days, CAS will return to you a CA Index Name and a CAS Registry Number (if appropriate) for each substance included in the request.

Contact CAS Client Services for the cost per substance submitted which in part is based on CAS chemists' extensive knowledge of the EPA TSCA substance identification requirements. CAS Inventory Expert Service offers a Super Rush service; contact CAS Client Services for the cost per substance submitted. CAS will return to you a CA Index Name and a CAS Registry Number (if appropriate) within 3 working days for the Super Rush service and 10 working days for routine turnaround once all of the information for processing is received. If during our chemist review we discover errors, inconsistencies, or missing data that requires additional CAS chemist consultation a fee will be applied. Contact CAS Client Services for the hourly fee. Please consult What To Include for IES to find what is required for the complete chemical identity. It is best to submit the same chemical identity information to IES that will be submitted to EPA.

CAS understands the requirements

When you request the CAS Inventory Expert Service, your order will be processed by CAS chemists who are experienced in TSCA substance identification requirements.

By relying on CAS, you will be taking advantage of the in-depth knowledge CAS staff have acquired concerning TSCA submission policies. For example, should you request a CAS Registry Number for a hydrated substance to be reported to the EPA, CAS will provide you with the CAS Registry Number for the anhydrous substance along with the guidance that hydrates are excluded from TSCA reporting.

Processing is strictly confidential For many years, CAS has employed extensive security policies and procedures relating to both physical security and the handling of customer-supplied information. These procedures include detailed measures outlining the labeling, handling, tracking, and storage of documents, computer access, and verbal communication regarding a given request. Without written permission, CAS will only discuss the details in a request with the individual who submitted it.
Please note If you request assignment of a CAS Registry Number for substances not already present in the CAS REGISTRYSM, that assignment makes your substance publicly available in the CAS REGISTRY database on STN®. Customer identity information will be kept confidential. If you wish to maintain confidentiality for your substance's identity, you should request only a CA Index Name.
Contact information
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614-447-3870 (worldwide)
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