Science IP® searches the world’s scientific and technical literature to discover answers and insight that drive confident business decisions.



Custom searches and precise results

Science IP experts distill precise, actionable answers from a comprehensive collection of global resources, saving you time and ensuring you have the authoritative information you need. From an exhaustive search to a focused report, Science IP delivers results that guide innovation and ensure protection of intellectual property.

Fast turnaround

When you need information right away, put Science IP to work for you. Expert research skills and subject matter knowledge enable Science IP professionals to search quickly and efficiently, getting results back to you within days.

Reliable pricing

Every search project is unique, and you need to have control over your bottom line. Science IP provides all-inclusive price quotes at no charge, bringing you budget predictability and peace of mind over search costs.


"My primary concern is making sure the search is done correctly. High-quality results are critical, and we go to the source to make sure that’s what we get.”

Christine Goddard, Principal
Fish & Richardson

A Science IP search is an assurance of quality and reliability

As the official research service of CAS, Science IP meets the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. No other search service can give you the kind of results that come from having access to the comprehensive resources and scientific expertise of CAS.

Each member of the Science IP search team is a full-time, professional searcher with advanced science education credentials and extensive research experience. All search projects are confidential and conducted using a consultative approach to make sure our search strategies best meet your needs and expectations.

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