Claire Jarvis (2014)




Born in Scotland, Claire received her M.Chem. degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. After working in the pharmaceutical industry in King of Prussia, USA and Basel, Switzerland – for GSK and Novartis, respectively – she began her Ph.D. studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 2013. Her research focuses on developing new reactions via asymmetric organocatalysis and C-H functionalization.

  • Jarvis, Claire L.; Richers, Matthew T.; Breugst, Martin; Houk, K. N.; Seidel, Daniel. Redox-​Neutral α-​Sulfenylation of Secondary Amines: Ring-​Fused N,​S-​Acetals. Organic Letters (2014), 16(13), 3556-3559.           

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