David Liptrot (2014)



David received his first degree (M.Chem.) from the University of Bath and, after a brief foray into industry with AstraZeneca on placement, returned to Bath for his master’s project and Ph.D. This focuses upon the activity of the Earth-abundant and environmentally benign elements of group 2 in catalytic transformations working in the group of Professor Michael Hill. David’s project focuses specifically upon cross-metathesis reactivity at group 2 with a particular focus on dehydrocoupling, smart inorganic polymers and the introduction of single electron transfer steps to s-block catalysis.

  • Liptrot, David J.; Hill, Michael S.; Mahon, Mary F. Heterobimetallic s-​Block Hydrides by σ-​Bond Metathesis. Chemistry - A European Journal (2014), Ahead of Print.
  • Anker, Mathew D.; Arrowsmith, Merle; Bellham, Peter; Hill, Michael S.; Kociok-Koehn, Gabriele; Liptrot, David J.; Mahon, Mary F.; Weetman, Catherine. Selective reduction of CO2 to a methanol equivalent by B(C6F5)​3-​activated alkaline earth catalysis. Chemical Science (2014), 5(7), 2826-2830.
  • Liptrot, David J.; Hill, Professor Michael S.; Mahon, Mary F. Accessing the Single-​Electron Manifold: Magnesium-​mediated Hydrogen Release from Silanes. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2014), 53(24), 6224-6227.            

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