Maria Matveenko (2014)




Maria studied chemistry and biology at Victoria University of Wellington in her native New Zealand before moving to the Australian National University for her Ph.D. in organic chemistry, which focused on the total synthesis of complex and bioactive natural products and pharmaceuticals. She then continued research in organic synthesis as an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. Having recently changed fields, Maria is now a post-doctoral researcher in biological chemistry at the University of Vienna, where she combines organic chemistry, peptide and protein synthesis to study the effects of non-enzymatic protein modifications implicated in aging and disease.

  • Matveenko, Maria; Liang, Guangxin; Lauterwasser, Erica M. W.; Zubia, Eva; Trauner, Dirk. A Total Synthesis Prompts the Structure Revision of Haouamine B. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012), 134(22), 9291-9295.
  • Matveenko, Maria; Banwell, Martin G.; Joffe, Max; Wan, Soosan; Fantino, Emmanuelle. Biological evaluation of ent-​narciclasine, ent-​lycoricidine, and certain enantiomerically-​related congeners. Chemistry & Biodiversity (2009), 6(5), 685-691.
  • Matveenko, Maria; Willis, Anthony C.; Banwell, Martin G. The Regio- and Stereo-​Selective Formation of Allylic Chlorides During the Overman Rearrangement of Trichloroacetimidates Derived from Certain Brominated Conduritols. Australian Journal of Chemistry (2009), 62(1), 64-68.           

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