Ben Naman (2014)




Ben earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, and then spent four years researching and developing natural flavors at Givaudan Flavors Corp. (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA). Since 2010, Ben has been a student in the Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA). There, he has been working with Professor A. Douglas Kinghorn to investigate the chemical constituents, or natural products, from various plants along with their potential to act as drug discovery lead molecules or treatments for cancer or a parasitic infectious disease, leishmaniasis.

  • Li, Jie; Pan, Li; Naman, C. Benjamin; Deng, Ye; Chai, Heebyung; Keller, William J.; Kinghorn, A. Douglas. Pyrrole Alkaloids with Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Activity Isolated from a Goji Berry-Contaminated Commercial Sample of African Mango. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2014), 62(22), 5054-5060.

  • Bueno Perez, Lynette; Still, Patrick C.; Naman, C. Benjamin; Ren, Yulin; Pan, Li; Chai, Hee-Byung; Carcache de Blanco, Esperanza J.; Ninh, Tran Ngoc; Thanh, Bui Van; Swanson, Steven M.; et al. Investigation of Vietnamese plants for potential anticancer agents. Phytochemistry Reviews (2014), Ahead of Print.

  • Jia, Zhonghua; Yang, Xiaogen; Hansen, Chad Allen; Naman, Charles Benjamin; Simons, Christopher Todd; Slack, Jay Patrick; Gray, Kimberley. Sweeteners containing dihydrochalcones. PCT Int. Appl. (2008), WO 2008148239 A1 20081211.           

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