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Philip is a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry at Columbia University. He earned his B.S./B.A. in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Washington in 2008, and subsequently served with the U.S. Peace Corps in West Africa before earning his M.A. in chemistry at Columbia University in 2013. His current research interest is the development of materials for clean energy applications. In his master’s project, he synthesized and characterized novel conjugated polymers with interesting electronic properties. In his doctoral project, Philip is studying thermochemical cycles of nanoscale metal-oxides for solar-driven fuel production.

  • Wei, Sujun; Xia, Jianlong; Dell, Emma J.; Jiang, Yivan; Song, Rui; Lee, Hyunbok; Rodenbough, Philip; Briseno, Alejandro L.; Campos, Luis M. Bandgap Engineering through Controlled Oxidation of Polythiophenes. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2014), 53(7), 1832-1836.

  • Crowther, Gregory J.; Napuli, Alberto J.; Gilligan, James H.; Gagaring, Kerstin; Borboa, Rachel; Francek, Carolyn; Chen, Zhong; Dagostino, Eleanor F.; Stockmyer, Justin B.; Wang, Yu; et al. Identification of inhibitors for putative malaria drug targets among novel antimalarial compounds. Molecular & Biochemical Parasitology (2011), 175(1), 21-29.

  • Crowther, Gregory J.; He, Panqing; Rodenbough, Philip P.; Thomas, Andrew P.; Kovzun, Kuzma V.; Leibly, David J.; Bhandari, Janhavi; Castaneda, Lisa J.; Hol, Wim G. J.; Gelb, Michael H.; et al. Use of thermal melt curves to assess the quality of enzyme preparations. Analytical Biochemistry (2010), 399(2), 268-275.

Also see his recent inChemistry magazine article, Peace through Chemistry.


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