STN a Reliable Partner in Pharmacovigilance 

A reliable information resource is critical to supporting key pharmacovigilance goals of regulatory compliance, risk migration, brand building and efficient operations.

STN® hosts a robust portfolio of pharmacological and medical databases to support pharmacovigilance:

  • Adis News (including ADIS Reactions)
  • CAplusSM
  • Derwent Drug File
  • Embase™
  • SciSearch

STN enables your pharmacovigilance process with unparalled search power and features:

  • Sophisticated query language maximizes precision while maintaining comprehensiveness to ensure well-targeted results
  • Reliable alerts deliver de-duplicated results via email or RSS
  • The STN Information Keep & Share ProgramSM enables convenient archiving of sharing of information within the company

Proven reliability and customer support distinguish STN as a premier pharmacovigilance partner:

  • Best-in-class training and resources are available on site or via e-learning sessions
  • Guidance from our experienced representatives and knowledgeable help desk is available for developing, troubleshooting or transitioning of alerts, as well as any other questions along the way
  • Exceptional system reliability consistently exceeds 99%, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it
  • Unique partnership with Science IP® to provide expert analysis, strategy and solutions for your business needs

Excellence in pharmacovigilance is essential.  Be confident in your pharmacovigilance information solution. Choose STN.

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