STNews - December 2011

Rolled-Up Core Codes Removed from Patent Databases on STN

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes have now been removed from IPC reclassifications (IPCR field) in patent databases on STN to deliver more consistent and streamlined IPC content.

In 2006, the European Patent Office (EPO) introduced Rolled-up Core Codes for each advanced level IPC code in patents. This practice simplified searching across countries by providing a code that spanned assigned IPC codes at both the Advanced level and the Core level. In late 2010, the EPO stopped rolling up Core Codes and removed Rolled-Up Core Codes from the IPC reclassifications supplied quarterly to database producers and vendors.

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes have now been removed from the IPCR fields of the following databases on STN:

CA/CAplus family of databases

In the DWPI databases, the rolled-up core codes have been removed from the set of current IPCs only.


Effective December 17, 2011 ITRD, AEROSPACE, AGRICOLA and IMSPATENTS are no longer available in STN Easy.

Removal of ITRD and PATIPC from STN

ITRD and PATIPC databases were removed from STN on December 17, 2011. ITRD is being removed from STN by request of the database producer. PATIPC is no longer needed as all of this current IPC information can be obtained from the IPC thesauri on STN.

STN on the Web Enhancements Include Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7

STN on the WebSM has been enhanced with an updated BLAST plugin installer and is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. Please refer to the updated Operating System and Browser Support chart on the STN on the Web login page for enhanced compatibilities.

CA/CAplus Now Includes Examiner Citations for Japanese Patents

CAS is pleased to expand our coverage in the CA/CAplus databases to include Japanese patent examiner citations. Intellectually translated examiner citations include links to other CAplus records for quick access to the exact information you need such as inventor names and patent assignees.

Database coverage includes Japanese B1 and B2 patents processed as basics and published in 2011 or later. Patent examiner citations are available for about 95 percent of the Japanese B1 and B2 patents processed so far.

The numerous countries and authorities available with examiner citations in CA/CAplus include:

         CA                  DE                  EP
         FR                  GB                  WO

INPADOC: Recent Coverage Enhancements

Legal Status Data from Argentina is now available The European Patent Office takes a considerable effort to expand the coverage of patent data from Latin America. Most recently legal status data from Argentina have been added to the INPADOC legal status collection. The coverage goes back to 2004 and includes 5 different legal status events referring to the lapse or refusal of a patent application, as examples. Please use the EXPAND command for the legal status code field /LSC to see which codes are available for Argentina.


Coverage of Taiwanese patent publications has been enhanced The coverage of Taiwanese patent publications has been significantly expanded. Taiwanese unexamined patent applications (TWA documents) have now been added to INPADOC with a publication date from 2008 to 2011, including English titles and abstracts and IPC and European patent classification codes (ECLA, ICO).

New citation category introduced by European Patent Office The European Patent Office applies citation categories to patent and NPL citations to indicate the level of relevance of a particular examiner citation. EPO has introduced a new category for cited patent and NPL references referring to patent publications with a publication date from April 2011 onwards. The new category "I" indicates a citation of particular relevance and has a similar meaning to category "X".

Category I - particularly relevant if taken alone, prejudicing inventive step.

Category X - particularly relevant if taken alone, prejudicing novelty.

Citation categories are searchable using the search field /CAT and can be linked with cited patent numbers (/PN.D).


=> S WO 2006042305 /PN.D(S)(X OR I)/CAT
For more information about INPAFAMDB/INPADOCDB see here

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