ScienceIPLogo280pxAnnual MEDLINE® Reload on STN® Features Enhanced Clinical Trial Information and the 2015 MeSH Thesaurus

The 2015 MEDLINE reload on STN launched on January 25, 2015. Key improvements introduced with the reload include:

  • Updated MEDLINE backfile records. Existing MEDLINE records including index terms changed or deleted for 2015 have been updated to reflect current MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) terminology
  • More clinical trial information. The number of authorities for which abbreviated clinical trial authority names and clinical trial numbers are indexed, in the /FS and /NCT fields, respectively, has been expanded greatly. Type HELP CLINICALTRIALS at an arrow prompt within MEDLINE to see the names of clinical trial authorities now being indexed when journal articles discuss specific clinical trial results, etc.
  • One click access to source documents, including full text in many instances, via complete Digital Object Identifier hyperlinks in the /DOI field. Similarly, the /AUID field now also provides one click access to ORCID entries, which provides additional information about authors
  • Multiple addresses per author, when provided
  • Information on Associated Datasets and Associated Publications in the /CM (Comment) custom display field, along with MEDLINE on STN Accession Numbers, as available

The reloaded MEDLINE also features the 2015 MeSH thesaurus, which introduces 310 new controlled indexing terms. To see lists of new, changed and deleted terms, navigate to the following: New termsChanged terms and Deleted terms.

Customers should review these lists to determine whether there is a new term that will increase the precision of their searches, or if alerts and saved search strategies need to be updated.

ScienceIPLogo280pxSTN Launches New Pricing Option for Information Brokers: Search Service Value Pricing

Search Service Value Pricing (SSVP) is a new STN pricing option exclusively for customers who operate search services or act as information brokers. SSVP offers:

  • Access to the unique STN content collection and robust functionality
  • Fixed 12-month contract price
  • Access to all STN interfaces, including new STN

SSVP provides improved budget predictability, simplifies administration and allows you to focus on doing the best possible search for your clients rather than worrying about managing transactional search costs. For more information, contact your local STN representative or the CAS Customer Center.

A Look at Recent Patenting Activity in Perovskite Solar Cells

Silicon-based solar cells are expensive to produce, requiring costly materials and clean rooms for manufacturing. In the 1980s, scientists explored a cheaper alternative in dye-sensitized solar cells, but their efficiency in converting light into electricity couldn't be pushed beyond 10% - a far cry from silicon's 25%.

In 2009, researchers reported solid-state versions of liquid electrolyte dye-sensitized solar cells that incorporated organometallic trihalides featuring the perovskite crystal structure. The efficiencies of such perovskite-based solar cells were initially under 4%. But today's best perovskite-based solar cells boast efficiencies of 16%. Their commercial promise is evident in the burst of activity in patent applications recently seen in CAS databases. Click here for more information on some of the recent patents in this area.

ScienceIPLogo280pxA Strategy for Comprehensive MARPAT® Searches

This article discusses a Markush structure search strategy for comprehensive searching in MARPAT to support Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) opinions.

The strategy will address following question: How do I capture patent publications containing generic structures without retrieving too many hits? Click here for the complete article.


Latest Version of Emtree Introduces 937
New Terms

The January 2015 version of Emtree, the thesaurus used in EmbaseTM and EmbaseTM Alert (file EMBAL) adds 937 new terms (including 141 replacement terms and promoted synonyms) to Emtree as preferred terms:

  • 179 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet)
  • 758 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs)

Many of the new non-drug terms are organism names, especially bacteria and virus names. In total, Emtree now includes 70,954 preferred terms.

Further information on the latest changes to Emtree may be found here.

Revision of  Derwent World Patents Index® Manual and Fragmentation Codes

The Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) manual coding system annual revision for 2015 is now complete. The changes include 1,956 new codes, as well as updating of existing Titles, Scope notes and/or Search terms.

The coding highlights the novel technical aspects of the invention as well as the application(s) and is extremely useful to improve the precision and recall of searches and the subsequent analysis of result sets.

As with previous revisions, the coding has been updated to:

  • Reflect changes in technology
  • Take into account suggestions for improvements
  • Enhance code descriptions and scope notes to improve the consistency of code application and understanding of what each code covers

Also revised were the DWPI Section P Fragmentation codes, covering pharmaceutical and agrochemical activity. The revision incorporates 65 new codes including new specific codes in existing hierarchies, plus codes for new areas that have become important since the last code revision.

Examples of new Fragmentation Codes are:
P213 Anti-retrovirus
P618 Anti-cholesterol
P902 Osteoporosis
P951 Prion disease
P960 Personalised medicine

More details on the new fragment codes can be found here.


Structure Overlaps and How to Avoid Them
Structure overlaps occur in classic STN and in new STN when there are two nodes that are extremely close to each other in the drawing window. Uploading and searching a structure containing overlaps may lead to incorrect search results. Click here to find out more about how to resolve structure overlaps.  



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