new_STN New STN® Release Delivers Essential Biomedical and Patent Content

A new STN release launched in February, delivers essential biomedical and patent content, extending the benefits of new STN to more search types and users.

  • Premier biomedical databases BIOSIS®, Embase™ and MEDLINE®
  • Complementary life science databases CABA and FSTA
  • Full-text patent databases CANPATFULL (Canada), DEFULL (Germany) and FRFULL (France)

Other highlights include:

  • INPADOC updates that enhance the ability to leverage global patents
  • Hit structure display and hit CAS Registry Number® highlighting
  • Additional workflow and interface refinements for increased efficiency and usability

The new STN platform is available to fixed fee customers, including those with Global Value Pricing and Search Services Value Pricing agreements. For more information, see the What's New datasheet or watch a WebEx overview of the latest release.

Validating CAS Registry Numbers Using Check Digits

Customers who receive CAS Registry Numbers (CAS RNs) from external sources frequently ask how to determine whether their CAS RNs are correct. This article provides a method to help you to determine if a CAS Registry Number that has been provided to you is valid. Read more about validating CAS RNs here.

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pp_logoA Look at Recent Patenting Activity in

Fracking Technology

In recent years, hydraulic fracturing – better known as fracking – has been a boon to oil and gas companies. The technique injects fracking fluid – typically made of about 90% water, 10% particulate matter, and less than 1% chemical additives – down into wells, fracturing shale deposits underground and releasing oil and natural gas. But fracking is not without its problems. To address issues, such as low well productivity and environmental impact, scientists are now investigating, and subsequently patenting, improved additives for fracking fluids and greener extraction strategies. As seen in the CAS databases, the volume of patents claiming improvements to fracking has grown steadily in recent years. Click here for more information on some of the recent patents in this area.


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Substance and Chemical Structure Searching in CAS REGISTRYSM and DCR on new STN

March 26, 2015
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Substance and Chemical Structure Searching in CAS REGISTRY and DCR on new STN

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