STN_PIUG Conference Overview: PIUG 2015 Annual Meeting

The PIUG 2015 Annual Conference was held May 2-7, 2015 near Chicago, Illinois, attracting over 200 delegates from around the world. The theme of this year's conference was "From Search Strategy to Business Strategy: Domestic and International Practices, Styles and Viewpoints". As one of the leading sponsors of the conference, STN® representatives gave a number of presentations highlighting exciting developments and search strategies in both classic and new STN during the plenary session and at the STN Patent Forum training workshop.If you couldn't attend PIUG this year, click here to explore these presentations to catch up on exciting news from STN.

Get Started on New STN with Recently Launched New STN Quick Start TutorialsSTN_PIUG

Ready to get started with new STN?  New STN is the powerful STN interface designed for professional IP searching that leverages cutting edge search technology to provide enhanced efficiency and unique features via a more intuitive interface. The new STN Quick Start Tutorials, perfect for experienced searchers or those brand new to STN, will get you ready to start searching in less than an hour. Click here for a listing and description of these tutorials.

A Look at Recent Patenting Activity in Medical Applications of Quantum Dots

Shine a light on quantum dots, and depending on their exact size, the tiny semiconducting particles flicker a very specific color. This characteristic is what makes them attractive for use in display screens. Because of their small size and optical properties, quantum dots are also increasingly being eyed for use in cell imaging, biomarker detection, and personal care products, according to CAS databases. Read more here.

pp_logoThe Best of Both Worlds:  Text Searching in Bibliographic and Full-Text Patent Databases

STN offers a broad collection of scientific, technical and patent content on a single platform to support efficient, comprehensive IP searching. The STN content collection includes the premier value-added bibliographic databases containing patents, including CAplusSM and Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM), as well as a robust collection of full-text patent databases covering the major patent authorities worldwide. Bibliographic and full-text patent databases each provide unique advantages for the patent searcher. Thus, the opportunity to search both efficiently through a single interface offers the best of worlds, boosting productivity and increasing your confidence in your search results. Click here for more information on these database types and search tips.


May 2015 Version of Emtree Introduces Over 1,000 New Terms to EmbaseTM

The May 2015 version of Emtree is enhanced with over 1,000 new preferred terms for Embase searching on classic STN platforms, as well as on new STN. The new terms include:  

  • 172 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet)
  • 901 non-drug terms 

In addition, 225 existing Emtree terms – 48 drug terms and 177 non-drug terms - have been replaced. Many of the new and replacement terms are organism names, especially bacteria and virus names. 

In total Emtree now includes 71,802 preferred terms.

Further information on the latest changes to Emtree may be found here. If you are running alerts in Embase, please consider reviewing the lists of new and replacement terms in case your strategies need to be updated.

Country Coverage in Derwent World Patent Index Extended to Include Turkey

The country coverage in Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) has been enhanced to include Turkey. The coverage includes all applications for patents and utility models published in January 2015 or later. Records identified as basics have DWPI titles and abstracts and manual coding, with deep indexing for chemical records where applicable. The first records appeared in DWPI Update 201530.

The document types listed below are covered. Because the Turkish Patent Institute does not assign kind codes, DWPI has assigned kind codes for the different type of documents now being covered. 

  • Patent applications (TR A)
  • Utility Models (TR U)
  • Turkish translation of granted EP patent (TR T4)*
  • Turkish translation of EP claims (TR T3)*

*No examples yet. 

DWPI now covers 52 sources (50 patent-issuing authorities and 2 journal sources). 

Further details about number formats for Turkey and other authorities covered in DWPI can be found in the DWPI Reference Center.



 June 23, 2015
 1:00 pm EDT
 Unified Markush Search on new STN

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Ottawa, Canada
Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

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BIO International

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IFT Annual Meeting

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American Society of Pharmacognosy Annual Meeting


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