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PatentPakTM Now Available in STN®

PatentPak, a time-saving solution for IP professionals, is now available for subscription by classic STN customers. Subscribing customers will be able to use PatentPak in STN in both the STN Express® 8.6 and STN® on the WebSM platforms.

By leveraging the work of CAS scientists, only PatentPak in STN lets you:

  • Rapidly track down the specific location of hard-to-find chemical information in patents with interactive links to key substances
  • Instantly and securely access patent PDFs from major patent offices
  • Locate patents in languages you know with CAplusSM global patent family coverage
  • Conveniently share these benefits with other IP stakeholders via links in STN Express - generated tables and reports, as well as transcripts, even if they don't use STN

See a search example and read more about how PatentPak in STN can save you time!

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STN Express 8.6 Now Available

STN Express 8.6 is now available free to STN loginID holders from the STN License and Download Software site. STN Express users must upgrade to STN Express 8.6 in order to use PatentPak in STN, the recently launched time-saving solution for IP professionals.*

When you update your version of STN Express, you'll enjoy access to key features of the new release including:
  • Full support for PatentPak in STN
  • Updated menu and spectra choices for CAS REGISTRYSM Get Spectra
  • Fixes to specific customer-reported issues

*Separate licence required for PatentPak.

patentpicks_logo1A Look at Recent Patenting Activity in PET Imaging

Positron emission tomography (PET) helps doctors and researchers capture detailed three-dimensional images of molecular processes occurring in the body. To obtain those images, they inject a positron-emitting isotope, otherwise known as a radiotracer, into patients or animals and record the radiation emitted with a PET scanner. Compared with other biocompatible isotopes, fluorine-18 remains stable for a relatively long time - its half-life is 109.8 minutes - and is therefore currently the most popular isotope used in radiopharmaceuticals. Chemists design tracers containing 18F to mimic or target molecules or tissues in the body. For example, fluorodeoxyglucose, a radiolabeled analog of glucose, is used to determine the size, shape and aggressiveness of tumors, which take up more sugars than healthy tissue. The development of new PET probes and new methods for making PET probes will widen the range of biological processes and diseases that can be monitored in the body. Read more about PET imaging.

patentpicks_logo1Creating Tables from New STN Results Using BizInt Smart Charts for Patents - Part 2

With the recent release of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents 4 (current version is 4.1.3), it is possible to use this popular software package to create customized tables of new STN search results. Read more on how to use Reference Rows to create reports based on common patent families and how the information in those reports can be customized.


Derwent World Patents Index
®: Latest
Manual Code Revision is Now Live

The annual Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) Manual Code revision for 2016 is now complete. DWPI Manual Codes are assigned to new inventions across all 50 authorities covered in the database. Manual Codes highlight the novel technical aspects of the invention as well as the application(s), and are useful for improving search recall precision and subsequent analysis. The 2016 codes appear in database records from DWPI Update 201601 onward.

Read more about the updated Manual Codes and significant enhancements.


 Can you search for mathematical formulas and equations on STN?

A. Yes. Click here to see two approaches for finding equations.


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