CHEMLIST® Updated with Regulation Information from Vermont

The latest addition to CHEMLIST (Regulated Chemicals Listing) is The State of Vermont List of Chemicals of High Concern to Children, comprising 79 substances. CHEMLIST, produced by CAS, is a classic STN® database for chemical substances regulated in key markets across the globe by national, regional, state and local regulatory agencies. CHEMLIST offers the convenience of identifying compliance requirements for specific substances in many of the world's most significant inventories and lists.

Regulatory professionals can also access the information found in CHEMLIST via NCITM Global, a browser-based compliance solution. Read more.

patent_picksA Look at Recent Patenting Activity in Environmentally Friendly Marine Coatings

Marine organisms such as algae, bacteria and barnacles can grow on the hulls of ships, creating drag and making the vessels less fuel efficient. Shipbuilders apply coatings to the metal hulls to try to frustrate these biological hangers-on. In 2008, the United Nations' International Maritime Organization banned paints containing tributyltin, a formidable biocide, because they often leach the toxic compound into the environment. Ever since, paint companies have searched for the perfect coating that can deter sea life from attaching to vessels without harming the environment. Using polymer science, nanotechnology and materials science, some researchers have developed nonbiocidal coatings that repel sea creatures solely by the physical and chemical properties of the coatings. Other researchers have incorporated environmentally friendly antifouling agents into marine paints. Read more.

patentpicks_logo1Assigning MARPAT® Match Level Settings for Heterocycles: Entire Rings vs. Only Heteroatoms

When conducting a structure query in MARPAT, choose match level settings based on the type and number of answers you want to retrieve. To retrieve references in which a heterocycle is disclosed specifically, you would use match level Atom settings for at least some of the heterocycle's nodes. Use match level Class for all of the heterocycle's nodes to also retrieve references that include generic disclosures such as "any heterocycle".

References to "any heterocycle" are not needed if you only want references for a specific heterocycle. Use match level Atom for at least some of the nodes (generally heteroatoms) in the heterocycle in your structure query. You then need to decide whether all of the nodes in the heterocycle should have the match level setting of Atom or only the heteroatoms. Which is the more comprehensive way to search? Read more.

patentpicks_logo1Familiar Faces Join Science IP®

The Science IP search team recently added two experienced searchers to their team, Anne Marie Clark, Ph.D. and Don Walter, Ph.D. Science IP searches the world's scientific and technical literature to discover answers and insights that drive confident business decisions. Science IP is the official research service of CAS and meets the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. Read more.


Data Quality Improved in CNFULL and FRFULL

The quality of the full text included in the STN databases CNFULL (Chinese Patents Full-Text Database) and FRFULL (French Patents Full-Text Database) has been enhanced by their producers.

In CNFULL, improved machine translation software has enhanced the quality of Chinese to English translations in the Title, Abstracts, Claims and Description fields. This applies to all new and updated documents since the June 29, 2015 update. Read more.


Q. Can I search for all of the records associated with a particular CAS Registry Number® in CAplusSM and use the ANALYZE feature to only view the terms I am interested in?

A. Yes, you can customize the ANALYZE command to only extract certain terms in classic STN. For example, if you were only interested in documents that had Novartis in the Corporate Source or Patent Assignee fields, you can add the terms WITH "NOVARTIS" (note that the term Novartis is in quotations) to the ANALYZE command. Read more.



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