ppak_stn_color_1Incorporate PatentPakTM in STN® into your Chemical Name Search Workflow

PatentPak is an STN tool that increases efficiency in post-search analysis by highlighting the chemistry information in patents. Users can click a link in an STN transcript to display an interactive document or download a searchable PDF for their records. But did you know you can use PatentPak to enhance your online searching as well? Read more about PatentPak.

patentpicks_logo1Locate Company Names and History in the Company Name Thesaurus

Searching for references from a specific company can be a challenge especially if the company has undergone various mergers or name changes. The Company Name Thesaurus is a valuable resource for STN databases, such as CAplusSM or CASM, which provides information such as the name and history of the parent company, as well as any related company names. Click here for some examples of searching for company names.

11321613_230pxStructure Searching in New STN Has Been Improved

New STN has improved structure searching in Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM), Derwent Chemistry Resource (DCR) and REAXYSFILESub with:

  • Precision enhanced for closed sub-structure search (CSS)
  • Enhanced search performance
  • Precision enhanced for element count, atom lock, ring lock and matching

In addition the following improvements are available in DWPIM:

  • Structure assembly (distortions eliminated)
  • Reduced number of iteration incompletes

Interested in learning more about new STN? Visit the new STN web site or contact your local service center.

patentpicks_logo1STN Global Value Pricing Increases Efficiency

The pharmaceutical company, Nippon Chemiphar has a new and improved workflow thanks to STN Global Value Pricing (GVP). Read this case study to see how Nippon Chemiphar search projects are now completed in less time.

GVP can provide unlimited access to STN with its unique content, powerful tools and reliable service to support business-critical decision making.


Non-conventional Patent Families for Chinese Dual Filings in INPADOC on STN

INPADOC on STN has been enhanced with more than 330,000 non-conventional patent families for Chinese dual filings in INPADOC. The patent family information created by FIZ Karlsruhe Editorial is for users interested in legal protection in China.

Since 2009, the Chinese patent system allows parallel filings of a patent and a utility model on the same day for the same "invention-creation." Companies use the dual filing strategy to achieve fast protection with the utility model application, followed by a strong patent protection.

The quality of this family building process depends on the availability of dual filing citation data in INPADOC. Whenever new citation category R information becomes available, families will be established.

For details click here.


 I sent my colleague an Export to Excel® report I created in new STN, but he can't get the links within the report to work. What do I need to do? 

A. You need to send your colleague the .zip file created during Export to Excel report generation, rather than the .xlsx file. Read more.


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Polymers, Oligomers and Oligosaccharides in CAS REGISTRY®

December 14, 2016
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Substance and Chemical Structure Searching in CAS REGISTRY on New STN

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