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STN Viewer Enhanced with Australian and Canadian Full-Text Patent Information

You can now use STN Viewer to evaluate and navigate through Australian and Canadian full-text patent information retrieved during STN Express searching. The ability to export AUPATFULL and CANPATFULL information into STN Viewer adds value by extending the suite of full-text patent databases whose content can be reviewed in STN Viewer.

To enable AUPATFULL and CANPATFULL data to be included in STN Express search results exported to STN Viewer, download the STN Express support file update from September 22, 2011.

For additional information about updating STN Express support files (automatically or manually), see the Help files for STN Express, Version 8.4 or Version 8.5, or the STN Software License and Download website.

New ECLA Thesaurus in CA/CAplus Improves Patent Searching Capabilities

Newly launched thesauri for European Patent Classifications (ECLA) and in computer-only (ICO) codes provide CA/CAplus users with the means to identify ECLA and ICO codes that most closely match their search topics and to use those codes to retrieve more precise results when searching.

Monthly updates to both thesauri will allow users to access information about emerging areas of technology. Additional ECLA and ICO code changes in the CA/CAplus family of databases include matching formatting conventions to enable cross-database searching.

The thesauri can be used with the EXPAND and SEARCH commands in EPC (including EPC aliases, ECLA and EPCLA) and ICO fields.

The following relationship codes are available:

Relationship Code Description
ALL All associated items
AUTO Automatic relationship (BT, SELF, CODE, DEF)
BT Broader terms (BT, SELF, DEF)
CODE Classification code (SELF, CODE)
DEF Definition (SELF, DEF)
HIE Hierarchy terms - all broader and narrower terms (BT, SELF, DEF, NT)
KT Keyword terms (SELF, KT)
MAX All associated terms
NEXT Next classification within the same class (SELF, NEXT)
NEXT(n) Next n classifications within the same class
NT Narrower terms (SELF, NT, DEF)
PREV Previous code within the same class (PREV, SELF, DEF)
PREV(n) Previous n classifications within the same class
TI Complete title including broader terms (BT, SELF, DEF)


See HELP THESAURUS and HELP RCODES for additional details.

In addition to the CA/CAplus family of databases, ECLA and ICO thesauri are available in the following databases on STN:

  • Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI)

IFI Updates Resume on STN

Updates to the IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB databases have resumed. The databases are being updated in chronological order beginning with the oldest update (April 28, 2011) and moving forward. The databases are expected to be current by November 2011.

SDI deliveries have also resumed, starting with separate SDI deliveries for April/May, June, July, August, September and October and then returning to regular delivery schedules in November 2011.

For the latest update information, type NEWS FILE at an arrow prompt within the IFI database of interest or contact your local STN Service Center.

GEOREF and ENCOMPLIT Databases Were Reloaded on September 24, 2011

More details on the enhancements and changes are available in the databases in HELP RLOAD.

STN Adds Canadian Patent Full-Text Database - CANPATFULL

As of September 24, 2011, STN has added the CANPATFULL database, which provides the full text of Canadian patent applications and patent specifications from 1920-present. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is within the top ten authorities concerning the number of patent applications over the past two decades. In recent years, over 30,000 applications were filed annually.

CANPATFULL database records contain detailed bibliographic data, legal representative information, international and European classification codes (IPC and ECLA/EPC), abstracts and the full text of descriptions and claims. Database records for patents published in French have, in addition to the original French document, a human-translated English abstract and machine-translated English claims and description. Each record contains all documents published for one application, displayed in order of appearance. Legal status data and family display formats from the INPADOCDB database are available as well as the searchable online thesauri for the International Patent Classification (/IPC) and European Patent Classification (/EPC and /ICO). CANPATFULL is updated weekly and comprises a total of about 2 million records.

USAN Database Updates Offer Superior Currency on STN

STN provides the most up-to-date USAN database information, now with coverage from 1953-2011. This additional information provides STN users with the most complete USP Dictionary of U.S. Adopted Names and International Drug Names recognized throughout the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Older Versions of STN Express to be Discontinued Beginning March 2012

To ensure an improved, more consistent user experience with newer features and maximized security for all STN sessions, we plan to discontinue support and access to older versions of STN Express beginning in March 2012. Please note that you can upgrade for free at any time to the current version of STN Express, Version 8.5, from the STN Software License and Download website.

Software and support for versions of STN Express will be discontinued according to the following schedule:

Version Support Software
Versions below 7.0 December 31, 2008 March 31, 2012
Versions below 8.0 March 31, 2012 August 31, 2012
Versions below 8.3 August 31, 2012 December 31, 2012
Versions below 8.4 December 31, 2012 June 30, 2013


Support discontinuation = You may continue to use the software, but technical support and documentation for this version may no longer be available.

Software discontinuation = Access to STN will no longer be possible with this version of STN Express.

Whether you've already upgraded to STN Express, Version 8.5, or will be doing so in the near future, we want to make sure you get the support you need. Contact your local STN Service Center for assistance.

Q: How can I limit my CAplus patent answer set to only answers where at least one patent equivalent was published before a given date.

A: Since CAplus records are built into inventions with equivalent applications and granted patents grouped into one record, include in the query a numeric value (or range) using the /PD search field. Below is an example.

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