Quotes: The Value of CAS

CAS meets customer needs. 

"As help desks go, the CAS one is standout, primarily because of the first rate individuals who staff the phone lines. Keep up the good work; it is much appreciated."

Keith Schreiber
Manager, Patent Searching & Information
Pfizer Legal Division, Intellectual Property Group

CAS databases are invaluable.

"Being able to rapidly search for important chemical information while an idea is fresh in your mind is almost priceless. CAS databases streamline the investigative process—allowing you to take an idea and rapidly find the important and necessary information before you forget about the idea or it loses its excitement. That really is invaluable."

Dr. Robert H. Grubbs
Nobel Laureate
Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California

CAS provides the best tools.

"CAS—the best search engine there is for chemists."

Michael B. McGinnis
Professor, Department of Chemistry
North Georgia College & State University
ACS Annual Report 2007

"CAS is an important tool to navigate in the ocean of chemical information."

Andrei N. Vedernikov
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Maryland
ACS Annual Report 2007

CAS offers the best access to prior art.

"We need to get the best access to prior art that we can ... we need access to more databases. We've got them in the chemical side: Chem Abstracts."

Todd Dickenson, former USPTO Director
NPR, Talk of the Nation

CAS is the gold standard for chemical information.

"CAS is ca. 100 years old and has done a magnificent job of extracting chemical data from the literature."

"In particular CAS is seen by the pharmaceutical industry as being the gold standard for chemical information both in numbers of compounds and quality."

Peter Murray-Rust
Unilever Centre for Molecular Information, Cambridge
Murray-Rust blog

CAS' contributes to the scientific community.

"CAS' greatest contribution has been making the information available, searchable, and when I think back to the beginning of my career, which was at the bottom of the exponential curve, and the explosion of scientific chemical information, without the work that CAS has done to synthesize all that information, bring it together, make it searchable, no human being could actually have been able to find that information or to search the primary literature because there just would not be the time to do that.  So CAS has made a tremendous contribution."

Dr. Diana M. Leitch BSc, FRSC
Deputy University Librarian, John Rylands University Library
The University of Manchester
Manchester, England

CAS has enriched a career.

"CAS has been a foundation on which we have built on all our information, and all the information flow which we use in chemistry, and chemistry-related areas all comes from CAS. So, the bottom line here is that CAS has given us so much information, and it gave me so much information that without that information I don't think I would have accomplished what I have accomplished in my career as a chemist."

Sham Nikam
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Pfizer Global R&D
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Chemical Abstracts is a constant resource.

"Chemical Abstracts is part of my day-to-day routine. I can't imagine—it is the be all and end all of chemical information, it is the most complete database, it contains all kinds of literature, and it's usually my first stop unless I have something very specialized that I know I can pick up immediately and handle. When I want to get into the primary literature, I want to get into Chemical Abstracts."

Judith Currano
Head, Chemistry Library
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"CAS, a part of the American Chemical Society, has for decades been the main source of abstracted literature material for chemists. In its assimilation process it had evolved into a database of virtually every single compound that has ever been detected, isolated, or synthesized."

David Bradley
"Chemical Databases Cover All Possibilities"
Scientific Computing World

"The brainpower provided by The Ohio State University, Battelle, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Chemical Abstracts, Compuserve and the like helped connect the city to a burgeoning information-based economy."

"Chemical Abstracts was formed in 1907 to catalog chemistry-related information and today computerizes millions of articles."

Ron Carter
"Late Boomer: Columbus Prospers in the New Economy"
The Columbus Dispatch

CAS revolutionizes advanced research.

"Chemical Abstracts helps me in my library work, and revolutionizes what people have been able to find in advanced research. There is a range of users, a broad range of users that Chemical Abstracts is very useful to. It's of most importance to the chemists, but there are biologists, geologists, many people in the medical school, so across a broad range of subject areas, including engineering."

"The staff all-around is top-notch, and I think the combination of a high-quality database that's been produced by the excellent staff really makes it the best information product, I think, that exists."

Grace Baysinger
Head Librarian
Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
Stanford University
Palo Alto, California

CAS has the personal touch.

"I do like the personal touch of Chemical Abstracts Service, I do know a lot of people and the people from Chemical Abstracts organize each two years in a council meeting and where we have a very open discussion with them we can express our wishes for the future and that's very good, and that's one of the strong points of Chemical Abstracts: the very good communication with them."

"Mr. Massie came once to Akzo Nobel, we had a very open discussion with him and it was marvelous to see, well, such a high person within Chemical Abstracts coming to our department and it was very good."

Henk Tomas
Senior IP Information Specialist,
Akzo Nobel Intellectual Property Department
Akzo Nobel
Arnhem, The Netherlands

CAS listens to customers.

"I think the best thing that CAS has done is to listen to their customers. And if you listen to your customers, and provide what they want to buy, you can't go wrong. CAS has done that, and if they will continue to do that, then I foresee a very successful future for them for the next hundred years."

Minoo Philipp
Patent Information Manager
Henkel KGaA
Düsseldorf, Germany

CAS: Most knowledgeable and professional people.

"You won't go wrong by contacting CAS folks. They are the most knowledgeable and most professional people that you can find out there. They will help you make the best decision for your needs."

Rengin Konuk, Ph.D.
Knowledge Specialist
Ethicon, a J&J company
CHMINF list posting

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