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Navigate chemistry’s early history with ChemZent™

ChemZent, a new solution available for purchase in SciFinder®, provides academic, commercial and government organizations with access to the first and only English-searchable version of Chemisches Zentralblatt, the oldest journal of chemistry abstracts, covering the literature from 1830-1969.

  • Explore, discover and isolate historic chemistry information using familiar SciFinder features
  • Gain additional entry points to ChemZent abstracts through indexing of relevant concepts and substances
  • Pinpoint the location of the abstract within the original German PDF with special markers
  • Make use of the CAS controlled vocabulary for greater discoverability
  • Print and export original German and English translated abstracts

Learn how CAS collaborated with Iconic Translation Machines in the production of ChemZent.

​Many authors covered by this publication formulated the theories and hypotheses that shaped the foundation of today’s chemistry.

For the first time, scientists can search across the entire collection of Chemisches Zentralblatt publications in one place, SciFinder, with all inherent SciFinder functionality.

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