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What is PatentPak®?

PatentPak is a robust patent workflow solution available from CAS. Designed to radically reduce time spent acquiring and searching through multiple patents to find vital chemistry, PatentPak saves users up to half the time spent researching patents by providing instant access and pinpointing hard-to-find chemistry.

Leveraging the efforts of CAS scientists, PatentPak lets you:

  • Rapidly track down the specific location of chemical information in patents, with interactive links to key substances
  • Instantly and securely access full-text patents from major patent offices
  • Find an equivalent patent in a familiar language

How can I access PatentPak?

PatentPak is available in SciFinder® and classic STN®.  Use the links below to learn more about how PatentPak integrates with these solutions to save you time.

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PatentPak is only available to organizations licensing SciFinder or STN, and requires payment of a separate license fee. 

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