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Do exponentially more. SciFinderⁿ will get you on your way and back to the bench faster than any other solution. At least that’s what users are already telling us!

Our research shows that scientists have to spend a lot of time perfecting queries and reviewing results. With the all-new SciFinderⁿ you will get valuable, high-quality information in a new easy-to-use interface of course, but more importantly you will get real insights from fellow scientists at CAS and time saved.

What Could You Do With a Few More Hours a Week?


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Researchers will find SciFinderⁿ offers confidence and trust in the easiest-
to-use solution on their device of choice. Information professionals and management will find SciFinderⁿ is the best value for their investment.

  • Reduces result set review time with significant advances in query/search relevancy
  • Offers more content than any SciFinder® product - ever. Includes easy access to full-text, indexed patents, and millions of step-by-step syntheses indexed specifically by CAS
  • Powerful, easy-to-use interface that helps you at every step
  • Expanded access for your entire organization as well as new product administration features

To get the benefits of SciFinderⁿ now, talk to your CAS sales representative, or contact the CAS Customer Center.


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