New STN Transforms Patent Searching

The new STN® platform delivers essential value-added content from CAS databases and Clarivate Analytics' Derwent World Patent Index, along with global full-text patent information and databases spanning key areas of science and technology, in an intuitive interface designed for professional IP searching. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, new STN transforms patent searching by making it possible to explore the high-quality content STN offers in new ways to quickly find answers and develop unique insights.

New STN is currently available to all fixed-fee, Global Value Pricing and Search Service Value Pricing customers at



The intuitive interface provides an efficient search experience with a project-oriented workflow.



Cutting-edge technology delivers unparalleled search power and specialized features that empower you to answer business-critical questions fast.

STN Flexible Options for Searching


The Extended Patent Family Table incorporates patent information from CAplusSM, Derwent World Patents Index, INPADOC and full-text databases to quickly provide a complete view of an invention.



​Integrating generic and exemplified structure search with the premier collections of chemical patent and non-patent literature, new STN offers an unsurpassed chemical IP search solution.Additionally, new STN offers MARPAT from CAS and Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) from Clarivate Analytics together on a single platform, delivering the first ever unified Markush solution.

Markush Structure Example



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