STN® offers a variety of options for search and analysis capabilities that meet the needs of information professionals worldwide.  When your project requires the most precise and accurate scientific information, you can rely on STN.


STN Interfaces

STNextTM - Elevating the classic STN experience.
STNext offers an intuitive, browser-based interface to the essential STN content and capabilities you rely on, along with the familiarity of the STN command line interface. Available with PatentPak®

STN Express® - Comprehensive desktop access for experienced searchers.  STN Express client software is free to all STN users. PatentPak® available with STN Express v8.6.

STN® on the WebSM - The power of classic STN  with the convenience of the web.
For experienced online searchers
. Available with PatentPak.

New STN - Transforming the professional IP search experience.
Offering a wide range of content and features in an intuitive interface to help searchers quickly find answers and develop unique insights.

STN Easy® - Searching for scientific information has never been easier. A forms-based application allows occasional users to quickly and easily access the authoritative scientific and technical information available from STN.

STN® AnaVist- Analysis and visualization software for information professionals. See patterns and trends in your search results to make better, faster business decisions.

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    March/April 2017 | Latest Release of New STN
    Enhances Search History and Expands Database

    January/February 2017 | 2017 Version of MEDLINE
    is Now Available    
    November/December 2016 | PatentPak Content is 
    Rapidly Expanding!

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