PatentPakTM Content is Rapidly Expanding!  12216296_xxl

PatentPak has tripled the number of annotated patents since last year. As of December 2016, more than 1.5M marked-up patents are available in PatentPak, with more annotated patents to be added by year's end. The number of original PDFs available through PatentPak is approaching 10.5M PDFs, an increase of nearly 2.5M since the beginning of the year. 


The expanded coverage includes a large number of pre-2012 English language patents from the major patent offices to complement the front-file PatentPak coverage that is now available for newly indexed documents.


For more information on PatentPak, click here.

patent_picksReload of EmbaseTM on STN® Provides Opportunities for More Comprehensive Retrieval, More Timely Data


Embase was reloaded on STN on November 13, 2016. The reload expands the content in Embase, providing more comprehensive pharmacological, biomedical and medical devices information, and improves your ability to retrieve precise information. Key features of the reload include expanded coverage, device descriptors, triple-linked indexing terms and less duplication. Click here for more information.  

patentpicks_logo1Three Things STNGUIDESM can do for you 


STNGUIDE is a database that offers several benefits to STN customers. Many customers use the STN Database Summary Sheets to help design their searches, determine display options, etc. STNGUIDE includes a searchable version of the STN Database Summary Sheets, plus additional information about database content. Read more on how STNGUIDE can help you. 


New MeSH Version Now Online in MEDLINE® on STN 

The 2017 version of the MeSH thesaurus is now online in MEDLINE on STN. MeSH is the controlled vocabulary used for indexing records in MEDLINE. 

Highlights of the new MeSH include:

  • A total of 629 new MeSH headings were added. MeSH now includes 28,472 controlled terms. 
  • 35 terms from the 2016 MeSH were replaced and 42 terms were deleted.  
  • MeSH now refers to "Subheadings" as "Qualifiers". A new qualifier, diagnostic imaging, replaces three former qualifiers, radiography, radionuclide imaging and ultrasonography. 
  • Additional details on 2017 MeSH changes can be found here.

Please review the new MeSH terminology and make any necessary changes to your Alerts and saved search strategies for continued comprehensive retrieval. 

MEDLINE records with updated MeSH terms are anticipated to be available in MEDLINE on STN in early 2017. Stay tuned for further information!


Q. Is there a more efficient way to change the attributes of the nodes and bonds in my structures in new STN and classic STN?

A. Both new STN and classic STN allow you to update multiple bonds or node attributes in your structures by using the Marquee and/or Lasso tools. Click here to learn more


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